trans rights are human rights

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Have more of the Biker Logan AU. He smokes. Why not eh. I've been told it wasn't responsible of me, as an adult, to say it was okay, so... Do as you please, just be careful that it doesn't hurt other people.

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"Why is my dashboard so dead?" I ask myself while following like, 11 blogs or something

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well, that's a mood

Logan. Tongue piercing. Undercut and man bun. Leather jacket. I'm gay. I'm out. Time to learn how to draw motorcycles so I can make biker!Logan a thing.

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hell yeah biker logan

Amazing job! I absolutely love this; please make biker!Logan a thing!

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I am making an AU out of it indeed! :)

Well then. Have more of the biker!Logan thing I did last night. Imma be gay in a corner now. See ya.

Do you ever have that one person who message you once in a while and your heart just,,, and you grin like an idiot?

I drew Deceit, on the tablet. This is the first time I draw something as complex as that on the tablet, and I am proud of it. So, to celebrate, I made a speedpaint of it.

The drawing took me around 3h30 to make, and I used PaintTool Sai to make it.

[Speedpaint on YouTube]( "Deceit | TS Sides - [Speedpaint])

Logan. Tongue piercing. Undercut and man bun. Leather jacket. I'm gay. I'm out. Time to learn how to draw motorcycles so I can make biker!Logan a thing.

Have a list of all my TS Sides AUs that I made content for.

This should at least give some content for now. I'm willing to talk about any of them, and to chat about all of them. They'll all have a tag on my blog for it.

1800s AU [Analogince] - prompted by me listening to Hamilton a lot Dancing Over The Rainbow AU [Analogical, Moxceit, Remile + past pairings] - AU I made after Sam asked for ballerina Virgil, then allowed me to ramble about an idea Doctor Who AU [Logince, Moxiety] - my love for DW and for Cam made this Familiar AU [Prinxiety, Logicality] - Indie made an AU, I designed things, and Indie went further into the AU so I kept my original concept for it (with their authorisation) FNaF AU [No pairings for now] - prompted by Elijah telling me to draw the Sides at Halloween, ended up with the Sides being SL characters Frozen AU [Royality, possible Analogical] - I just wanted some fluff Fusion Sides AU [Too many pairings + fusions] - I had ideas and rolled with it Ghost AU [Pairings currently being thought of] - I wanted to draw some ghosts and dragged 2 friends in it Gods/myths AU [All of them. Yep.] - I'm a mythology nerd. Fight me. HTTYD AU [Prinxiety, Logicality] - I really love the franchise, no one can stop me. Human Logince highschool AU [Logince, Moxiety] - made out of a RP I had with Cam, became a real thing because I keep drawing for my RPs. Mafia AU [LAMP, RED] - I had the urge to make one, and now it exists. It's not for everyone though. Make It Gayer AU [Analogical, Royality, RED] - I love them non cis pals. Nobody is cis, except for Thomas. Medusa AU [RED] - Dee is Medusa, Emile is a trans Iris, and Remy is blind. Monster Town AU (shared, has a tumblr) [Prinxiety, Logicality, potential RED] - You should check out the tumblr, monstertownau Octomer Deceit AU [Loceit for now, might expand] - That one's less innocent, I won't post about it here, but it's on my less than innocent tumblr (thesinningcell), which I might create an equivalent of here if wanted. Shrek AU [Prinxiety, Logicality] - I have. A thing. For kid movies. Sides in Arkham AU / DC AU [Prinxiety, Logicality, abusive Roceit mention] - Beware of the abusive!Deceit here, but I like this AU, and I focus on the good relationship. Sides on Ice AU / YOI AU [Royality, Analogical] - Because I'm trash for this anime. Spider Sides AU [LAMP, RED] - Because I like Spiderman a lot. Wicked AU [Logicality, platonic Logince] - Logan is green and pretends not to feel, Roman is dramatic, and we have a scarecrow Patton in the end. X-Men AU [Pairings currently being though of] - I had the urge to draw Logan as Logan. Now we got a full AU being made.

Okay so I figured "why not"

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Hi all! Avery here ^-^

I saw the post floating around tumblr and thought "why not have another place in case the hellsite really does crash and burn" so I made an account and here we are. I'm working on figuring how to navigate the site, but it looks pretty promising so hopefully the community can grow as beautifully as it did on tumhell

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To be fair, I created my account because I can't live without social medias, just you wait till I start actually posting actual content

Guess what

Hullo! Looks like I'm gonna have fun. So.

Hey, I'm Virgil, but I guess you can call me V (Lucifer works too). I'm 18, I use they/them and he/him, I'm french and german. I'm genderfluid, trans masc, ace, demiro panro, polyam.

I write, draw, make stuffs and chat too much.

TS Sides, HP, comics fan, who obsess over 1 fandom for months then leaves before coming back. I'm nice, I swear.

I'm on tumblr, twitter and instagram, same username (therubyjailcell), on Ao3 (AidanJail) and I can be found p much everywhere with these.