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Have a list of all my TS Sides AUs that I made content for.

This should at least give some content for now. I'm willing to talk about any of them, and to chat about all of them. They'll all have a tag on my blog for it.

1800s AU [Analogince] - prompted by me listening to Hamilton a lot Dancing Over The Rainbow AU [Analogical, Moxceit, Remile + past pairings] - AU I made after Sam asked for ballerina Virgil, then allowed me to ramble about an idea Doctor Who AU [Logince, Moxiety] - my love for DW and for Cam made this Familiar AU [Prinxiety, Logicality] - Indie made an AU, I designed things, and Indie went further into the AU so I kept my original concept for it (with their authorisation) FNaF AU [No pairings for now] - prompted by Elijah telling me to draw the Sides at Halloween, ended up with the Sides being SL characters Frozen AU [Royality, possible Analogical] - I just wanted some fluff Fusion Sides AU [Too many pairings + fusions] - I had ideas and rolled with it Ghost AU [Pairings currently being thought of] - I wanted to draw some ghosts and dragged 2 friends in it Gods/myths AU [All of them. Yep.] - I'm a mythology nerd. Fight me. HTTYD AU [Prinxiety, Logicality] - I really love the franchise, no one can stop me. Human Logince highschool AU [Logince, Moxiety] - made out of a RP I had with Cam, became a real thing because I keep drawing for my RPs. Mafia AU [LAMP, RED] - I had the urge to make one, and now it exists. It's not for everyone though. Make It Gayer AU [Analogical, Royality, RED] - I love them non cis pals. Nobody is cis, except for Thomas. Medusa AU [RED] - Dee is Medusa, Emile is a trans Iris, and Remy is blind. Monster Town AU (shared, has a tumblr) [Prinxiety, Logicality, potential RED] - You should check out the tumblr, monstertownau Octomer Deceit AU [Loceit for now, might expand] - That one's less innocent, I won't post about it here, but it's on my less than innocent tumblr (thesinningcell), which I might create an equivalent of here if wanted. Shrek AU [Prinxiety, Logicality] - I have. A thing. For kid movies. Sides in Arkham AU / DC AU [Prinxiety, Logicality, abusive Roceit mention] - Beware of the abusive!Deceit here, but I like this AU, and I focus on the good relationship. Sides on Ice AU / YOI AU [Royality, Analogical] - Because I'm trash for this anime. Spider Sides AU [LAMP, RED] - Because I like Spiderman a lot. Wicked AU [Logicality, platonic Logince] - Logan is green and pretends not to feel, Roman is dramatic, and we have a scarecrow Patton in the end. X-Men AU [Pairings currently being though of] - I had the urge to draw Logan as Logan. Now we got a full AU being made.